Facilities Management

Remedial Works

Replacing tap washers, changing fluorescent light tubes, replacing window blinds, fitting shelves, replacing door handles, repairing furniture. All these little jobs need to be done by somebody. Although we cannot drop everything to replace your light bulb, we can, however, schedule these small jobs for rectification.

Moves & Changes

Organisations are fluid and working groups change, desks need to be moved to suit new working practices. We can provide a CAD drawing to make sure it will work and then move your furniture out of hours. We can also attend to the voice and data cabling and power so that the phones and desk top computers move seamlessly with the desks.


To avoid excessive disruption, a room at a time can be redecorated. We all know what a difference a coat of new paint can make. Relatively, redecoration is inexpensive and demonstrates to staff you care about their environment. The terms of your lease will also stipulate redecoration frequency.

Carpet Cleaning

Professional cleaning can make an old dirty carpet look almost new. Inexpensive and quick, your carpet could be professionally cleaned at the weekend.