Office Relocation

Planning & Logistics

The emphasis is on planning, on the day it is too late! Use the opportunity to dispose of unwanted effects, redundant IT and documents. Use the space plan occupancy drawing to establish that everything will fit. Consider the logistics; parking, access via stairs and lifts, ceiling height, raised access floors, door widths. Do not discover on the day that you have not applied for parking dispensation and the cupboards will not fit in the lifts!

Packing, Protection & Crates

Carefully pack and identify with a numbering sequence and or colour code. Hire polypropylene packing crates, there are a number of sizes to suite specific requirements (documents, desktop computers, servers etc.). Ensure items are well packaged; a large roll of bubble wrap is relatively inexpensive. Avoid stacking crates more than four high and not in circulation routes. Ensure crate identification is on the ends not the lids (obscured when stacked).

Move Management

Move on Friday ideally, allowing Saturday and Sunday if necessary to achieve operational working so staff can return to work on Monday. Prioritise items to be moved so that IT infrastructure needing installation and set-up can be moved first. Start at the top and work down, that way the new space will be populated with less obstruction. Removal from existing premises is the opposite. Relocate all the retained items before delivery of items to storage or for disposal, some might stay.

Recycling & Disposal

Try to recycle surplus furniture and effects, offer to staff or donate to charities. Produce a list and circulate in advance of the move and have arrangements for collection and delivery. Post on, you will be surprised! All furniture for disposal should be dismantled so as to recover the aluminium and steel. Hire a skip, which will be sorted at the depot with recyclables being recovered.