Professional Services

Premises Evaluation

Before viewing potential premises, prepare a specification to include geographical location, tenure (leasehold or freehold), type (contemporary or traditional), accommodation (m²), arrangement (floor and or numbers of floors), facilities (car park, air conditioning) plus any individual requirements. Look at the quality of structure not the existing arrangement or superficial appearance. Allow for future growth and expansion. Utility and service provision, particularly Internet (rural locations can be challenging) and power (communications rooms and air conditioning).

Space Planning

How best a space can be used can be established with an occupancy arrangement CAD drawing. Demountable partitioning can be detailed to illustrate offices, meeting rooms, reception and break out area. Desk footprints can be varied in size and shape to better use and create space. Circulation routes can be optimised with meeting rooms within proximity to reception and managers to their staff. Building Control can be taken into account ensuring compliance with fire protection and evacuation, ventilation, disabled access and other health & safety requirements.

Project Management

Delegating project management to a qualified individual will ensure you are not burdened with unfamiliar tasks and will ensure you stay focused on your business. With a project manager you will achieve sole accountability and all trades and contractors will be scheduled and managed as required by the project. An agreed itemised and detailed specification together with regular meetings will ensure delivery of your specification on time and on budget.

Schedule of Conditions

Understand the Schedule of Conditions forming part of a leasehold tenure. Before you execute the lease, ensure the schedule of conditions accurately reflects the condition of the property. Errors, inaccuracies and omissions should be corrected. This is probably unfamiliar territory and advice will avoid costs on surrender of the lease.


Obtain a Schedule of Dilapidations and allow sufficient time to complete the reinstatement works prior to surrender of the lease. Challenge the dilapidations and reference the schedule of conditions. Tenant’s fit out works will need to be removed and the demise reinstated. Dilapidations can be costly and need to be managed.